McAndrew family name history

The name McAndrew has its origin both in Scotland and in Ireland although Ireland seems to be the more prominent. The Griffith Valuation of Ireland (a survey done in the years from 1848-1864) recorded everyone who owned and/or rented land in Ireland. Since no census records of Ireland exist for this time period, the Griffith Valuation is of great value in Irish genealogy in that it is the only way of learning who lived where in Ireland at that time. There were 232 people listed in the Valuation with the surname of McAndrew - and 186 of these were in County Mayo. The homeland of the McAndrew name can be pinpointed as being in the northwest corner of County Mayo in the civil parish of Kilcommon in what was known as the Barony of Erris. The historical account account describes the original McAndrew homeland as being on the eastern side of Lough Conn. The only other county that had a sizable population of the name McAndrew was County Sligo. The McAndrew tartan and Coat of Arms are shown on the left.